How To Make Your PH More Acidic If You Want A Girl Baby

By Sandy Dean:  I often hear from women who desperately want to conceive a girl baby.   Many of them realize that they need to make their vaginal tract more acidic in order to have the best chance of having a girl baby.  The reason for this is that being acidic greatly diminishes the number of the boy sperm chromosomes (the Y’s) that are able to race for the egg. An acidic environment makes things very difficult for the Y’s which in turn makes things easier for those X’s that produce girl babies.

So while many women understand that they need to be more acidic, many of them are also confused at how to effectively and safely do it.  So in the following article, I’m going to offer some tips on how to make your PH more acidic is you’re trying for a girl baby.

Option Number One For Becoming More Acidic – Making Absolutely Sure You Are Eating Acidic Foods: One way to become more acidic is through your diet.  All foods can either be classified as alkaline or acidic.  Some foods start out as one way and end up another once they are metabolized, so that’s why you have to be careful as to which food lists you trust.  To take this a step further, you can test yourself so that you know for sure (and without any guessing) which foods are making you more acidic.

Generally speaking, grains, meats, and dairy tend to be acidic but this is very general and you need to become very specific.  There are acidic fruits and vegetables.  There are also foods that are thought to be acidic but which are metabolized as alkaline. To an extent, every one is individual which is why I recommend using PH testing strips to see where your PH is before you begin the diet and then to retest after you eat something so that there is absolutely no doubt if that food is helping you to become more acidic or not.  Another real advantage to the PH strips is they help you know when you’re at the optimal PH to conceive a girl.  In short, these strips take a lot of the guesswork out of the process and they are very worth their inexpensive costs.

Option Number Two For Becoming More Acidic – Douching: Another method to make your PH more acidic is douching.  However, when I say douching I don’t mean vinegar and water or baking soda and water.  Sometimes, depending on your reading, you will need to be much more specific and deliberate.  And this is another place where the PH testing strips come in handy.  Based on your reading, there are personalized douches that you can try and then take your reading again.   I know that some people see douching as a bit unsavory, but it’s not something that you will likely have to do over the long term and, if you get the baby girl that you want, the end should justify the means.

Option Number Three: Douching And Diet Combined Together: Combining methods isn’t always going to be necessary if you’re already pretty acidic when you test yourself.  But, if you are already alkaline or you want to get faster and more dramatic results (or you just want to be sure that you are as acidic as you need to be before you attempt to conceive a girl) then you can combine both methods without too many problems.  If this seems like it is too much to think about, you can always try one method and monitor your results and know that this combined method is available to you if the results aren’t coming as quickly as you would like.

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