Is It True That The Right Ovary Gives You A Boy And The Left Gives You A Girl?

By: Sandy Dean:  If you trying to become pregnant and are really motivated to get the gender of your choice, you may become more open to “old wives’ tales and superstitions, even though you may normally be skeptical of such things.  After all, what harm is it to try?

For the most part, there isn’t any, unless you really are serious and you really do have your hopes up.  Because many of these theories are not only not rooted in science, but there are very improbably when you examine them a little more closely.  One such example is the idea that the right ovary gives you a boy baby, while the left gives you a girl.

Someone might say: “I am pretty sure that I ovulate from my right side because this side always hurts half-way through my cycle when I think I’m ovulating.  However, my nana says that I can only get a girl if I ovulate from my left side.  I want a girl.  So what can I do?  Am I doomed to have a boy?”

Before I answer, I want to stress that XY chromosomes will give you a boy and XX will give you a girl.  Here is how it breaks down.  The mom can only offer the child X.  Regardless of whether the egg comes from her right or her left ovary, it is only possible for her to contribute an X.  A man can contribute both X or Y.  His sperm contains equal numbers of both.  Which sperm makes it to the egg (which again, can only be X) is going to determine whether you get a boy or a girl. If a Y sperm chromosome gets the egg first, then it is a boy.  If it’s an X, then it is girl.

Hopefully, you can see from this that it doesn’t matter which ovary your egg comes from.  As the woman and the mom, you are only going to contribute X regardless.  So there is no variable there.

Where is the variable?  In what the father produces.  He can offer both X and Y.  Now, the mom is limited to just X chromosomes.  However, her body houses the sperm on its way to the egg.  And her body can either be friendly or hostile to that sperm.  If you want a girl, then you want to be friendly to X and hostile to Y.  If you want a boy, then you want to be hostile to X and friendly to Y.

You can’t see these sperm chromosomes inside of your body.  You can only know that he will produce equal numbers of them.  But you can educate yourself on the way that they behave in your body.  Y (or boy producing) sperm are faster but do not thrive in an acidic environment. X (or girl producing) are very hardy and strong and can thrive in both acidic and alkaline.

So if you want a girl, you’d want to create an acidic environment.  And you’d want to create a longer fertility window, giving the boy sperm a chance to die off.  There are ways to do this.  I have set up two websites that explain it.  If you want a boy, check out If you want a girl baby, see

I hope that this article has shown you that the dual ovary theory isn’t based on science, since the mom is only going to come up with the egg (X) regardless of the ovary that is used.  As long as the egg is viable and is ready to be fertilized by the sperm, you have the same result regardless of the ovary.  The real gender selection happens when the ovary meets sperm, not when the ovary is released.