If An Egg Is Not Released When Sperm Is Present, What Happens In Terms Of Baby Gender

By: Sandy Dean:  It is understandable that when you decide that you want to conceive, you can be motivated to start right away.  The idea of having a baby and starting a family is very exciting.  Most people realize that there’s only one small period of time in each month where pregnancy is possible.  So if you do not have success, then you have to wait an entire month or so (depending on ovulation cycles) to try again.  Some people have sex before ovulation because they are just anxious to start the process.  And some do it because they want a girl baby and they want for the egg to be waiting on the sperm.

Unfortunately, things do not always go as planned.  Sometimes, the couple think that they will know when the woman might ovulate and then it turns out that she doesn’t ovulate when planned – even though they have already attempted to conceive.  This leaves them to wonder what happens afterward.

For example, someone might say: “my husband and I decided that we wanted to conceive as soon as possible. We read that for a girl conception, you should conceive before ovulation.  I figured that I would ovulate 14 days after my period, so we had sex 9 days after that.   We figured that I would ovulate before day 14 and we figured that this would be okay since sperm can live for 5 days.  I used ovulation predictor strips (like the pregnancy kind where you use urine) and I have not gotten a positive yet, which should mean that I have not ovulated.  So what happens to that sperm?  Does it hang around until the next attempt? Does it have any bearing on gender when we try again?”

Sperm that doesn’t fertilize an egg basically deteriorates and dies off in the the same way that an egg does when it isn’t fertilized.  Neither has any bearing on the next attempt at conception.  Since both have basically died off in the body, you are starting fresh the next time.   When you want a boy baby, the process is a little more simple because in that case you can simply wait until you know that ovulation has taken place and then have sex.  Not all women ovulate midway through their cycle, so you really need to test to make sure. (Although you want to make sure that vaginal PH and sexual positions are also optimal.)  But when you want a girl, you have to plan a little more.

I know that you’re anxious to get started, but it can help to watch your cycle for a few months if you are trying for a girl OR to get a saliva ovulation predictor which can help you see what is happening several days before ovulation occurs.  This gives you more flexibililty than the urine predictors, particularly when you are trying for a girl. (Here’s an example of what I am talking about on Ebay.)

If you know that you haven’t ovulated and that the sperm is outside of its viability (and 5 days really is generous.  That’s the maximum amount of time that sperm can live) then you can always have sex again and continue to test.  But you really only should do this if you know that your PH is correct.  If not, you are better off waiting until the next month so you have the confidence that you have addressed everything that you can.  If you wait, then the sperm simply dies off and you start fresh the next time.

Since you might be trying again next month, now is the perfect time to begin charting your ovulation and to begin checking and monitoring you vaginal PH.  That way, you will have all of the bases covered the next time.  If the process and variables are still a bit confusing, I’ve tried to simplify it for you.   I’ve listed the steps on some free blogs.   If you want a boy baby, see  http://conceive-a-boy-baby.comIf you want a girl, see http://conceive-a-girl-baby.com