What Should A Man Eat To Conceive a Boy Or A Girl Baby?

by: Sandy Dean: I often hear from women who ask me what they should eat when they are trying to conceive a girl or a boy baby.  Many of them have read my articles about the importance of  your diet when it comes to creating an alkaline PH (when you want a boy baby) and creating an acidic PH (when you want a girl baby.)

Sometimes though, I hear from men asking the same type of questions.  The men want to know if the same advice applies to them or if there is any changes that they should be making to their diets.  So a man who wants to produce a girl baby might ask me how what sort of acidic foods that they might eat.  Or a man who wants  a son might be interested in alkaline foods.  But here’s the thing.  There’s no evidence that indicates that the man or father’s diet (or what he eats) has any influence on his baby’s gender (or whether he has a boy or a girl.)

With that said, the woman or mother’s diet can be vitally important.  Here’s the difference.  A woman’s vaginal PH can either be friendly or hostile to the sperm chromosomes produced by the man.  During conception, a man’s sperm is made up of equal parts of boy producing sperm (Y) and girl producing sperm (X).  If the couple wants to conceive a girl, an acidic vaginal environment can discourage or help kill off the boy producing sperm.  And if the couple wants a boy, an alkaline environment can help encourage the boy sperm.

However, there’s no evidence at all that the same holds true for the man’s diet.  There have been studies on the sperm of men who are prone to conceive only girl or boy babies.  And, when examined, their sperm still contained equal parts of X (girl producing) and Y (boy producing) sperm.  So while it’s advisable for a man to eat a healthy and varied diet when he’s trying to conceive, there seems to be no reason for him to try to  make himself more alkaline or acidic.  In fact, some theorize that doing so may affect his fertility.  Sometimes, when I share this with men they ask me what they can do to help make sure that they get the gender that they are after.  Men can feel very helpless when much of the PH changes need to happen with the woman and her diet.

Even so, there’s a lot a man can do.  He can help the mother to be track her fertility (ovulation) and her PH levels to help her pinpoint the optimal day to conceive.  He can get her an excellent food list and a good PH tester and encourage her to test every time she eats something to see how she responds individually to different foods (so that she can determine which foods lower or raise her PH levels depending on whether she is trying to conceive a girl and a boy.)  And he can be willing to use the best sexual positions for the gender that the couple are trying to conceive (even if they are not his favorite sexual positions at the time.)

Because admittedly this process takes a bit of work.  The mother to be is going to have to monitor her ovulation, tweak her diet, and perhaps experiment with douching if she doesn’t get the results that she wants right away.  And sometimes sex has to be scheduled or limited to the right time.  And a man who is supportive about all of this helps more than a man can possibly know.  So frankly, I tell men that the best thing that they can do to help the mother of their child conceive  a boy or a girl baby is to help her to understand the process and support her in it every step of the way.

If it helps, I’ve put together a few websites that take a lot of the guess work out of choosing your baby’s gender. You’ll find: step by step instructions; information on diet and PH testers; resources for determining ovulation times (and examples of good saliva and ovulation predictors;) resources for douche recipes and food PH lists; information on when to conceive; and support.

If you want a boy baby, check out http://conceive-a-boy-baby.com/

If you want a girl baby, check out http://conceive-a-girl-baby.com/