Taking Special Showers With An Alkaline Shower Head. Will This Help Me To Get A Boy Baby?

By: Sandy Dean: Many people who are trying to conceive a boy baby understand that it is in their best interest to make their body alkaline.  An acidic environment is detrimental to boy producing sperm.  So many will test themselves and find that they could be a little more alkaline for optimal results.

And they may try various ways in order to become more alkaline.  The most common ways are to try changing your diet a bit and douching with specific formulas.  But I sometimes hear of less well-known options, like an alkaline shower head.  Someone might ask: “I saw this shower head on the internet that claims that it makes the water alkaline, as well as having all sorts of other benefits like ridding the water of bacteria and chlorine, making the water more soft, and resulting in water that is purified.  Would this help me to get the PH I need to get a boy?  I am willing to try anything.”

Before trying to answer this question, I did some research on the shower heads.  It turns out that many brands make them, so the quality may vary from one brand to another.  And, it seems that they have a wide range of claims, like improved mental clarity and softer hair and skin.  But here’s one thing that I have noticed.  Most all of the claims that I am reading focus on external benefits that are outside of the body.

And while that is great, you need to become more alkaline inside the body.   Specifically, you need to change your vaginal PH. Intellectually, it doesn’t make complete sense that water outside of your body could translate to a change of PH inside of your body.  These shower heads are relatively expensive.  If money is not an issue and you want to try them, you could certainly continue to test your own PH to see if the shower head is having any affect.  But I think that your monetary resources would be better spend on methods that make changes internally.

Sometimes, you have to try different things and continue to test until you find what brings about the most dramatic changes. But I would think that dietary and internal but safe measures would help to get you closer to your optimal level than water that is falling outside of your body.  Admittedly, the claims of these shower heads are intriguing.  But I would think more direct methods might be more effective in terms of results and cost, since they are pretty expensive.

And, don’t forget that you also need to focus on your timing and positioning.  To make that easy, I’ve put up a few free websites with step by step instructions.  If you want a boy baby, check out http://conceive-a-boy-baby.com If you want a girl, see http://conceive-a-girl-baby.com

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