Vitamin C And Baby Gender: Is There A Connection? Does Taking Vitamin C Get You A Girl Or Boy?

I sometimes hear from people who ask me if taking certain vitamin or mineral supplements would have any impact on their ability to conceive a girl or boy child.  One specific supplement that I hear a lot about is vitamin C.  Sometimes people will read medical articles or will look on conception forums or discussion boards and decide to load up on vitamin C in the hopes of getting a certain gender.  For example, someone might say: “my friend said that when she drank several glasses of orange juice per day, she got a boy baby.  Frankly, I detest the taste of orange juice, so I have decided to take mass doses of vitamin C supplements instead.  Will this help me get a boy?”

There is a clinical study out of the UK which indicated that mothers who had a higher intake of several nutrients like vitamins C, K and B, plus potassium and calcium were slightly more likely to have sons.  There are some important things to note here, however.  This study was extremely small.  There were less than 1,000 participants.  Also, the rate of having a son was only 56 percent, which is only slightly higher than normal averages.  Plus, in addition to the higher intake of nutrients, the mothers who had sons also took in a higher number of calories.  My point is, vitamin C was only one of several nutrients that came into play.  In online discussion groups, there is also some thinking that vitamin C helps to make your body more alkaline, which is said to favor a boy baby.

However, I still don’t advocate taking large amounts of any supplement while you are trying to conceive.  You don’t want to risk changing your hormones, which could affect your ability to become pregnant.  Plus vitamin C in particular can lower progesterone which is necessary for conception and pregnancy.  It is always better to get nutrients from foods anyway, which is why I would suggest that if you want to go this route, you try foods which contain vitamin C instead (but in moderation.)  To test your theory, you could very easily test your PH before you eat the vitamin C foods and then afterward to see if it is having the alkalizing impact that you want.  Again, I would do this in moderation and not try to take in huge amounts of any food or nutrient.

There are more safe ways to try to influence baby gender.  Conceiving at the right time with the right sexual positions and with the right PH (achieved safely and not with massive amounts of supplements) is, at least in my opinion, a much better way to go than trying to take a large amount of a certain supplement that was only proven to be one SMALL part of a regimen that only slightly increased the rate of getting a son.

If you want to know how timing, positions and PH work together to get you the gender that you want, I’ve put together a couple of websites that hopefully easily breaks the process down.  If you’d like a girl baby, see If you want a boy baby, see

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