What Can I Do After Sex To Help Get A Boy Or Girl Baby?

By: Sandy Dean: Most of the questions that I get about choosing your baby’s gender concern specifics regarding your regimen before you attempt to have sex in order to conceive. Occasionally though, I hear from someone who has already had what they hope is conception sex and who is, after the fact, trying to influence their baby’s gender.

I heard from a woman who said: “my husband and I want to have a boy baby. I have had sex on what I think is my ovulation day. Now, what should do to make sure that I definitely get a boy?” This question concerned a boy baby, but the answer is the same for either gender. And I will answer both concerns below.

Most Of The Things That Help You Choose Your Baby’s Gender At Home Should Happen Before You Have Sex In The Hopes Of Conceiving: Many people who are successful in influencing their baby’s gender begin their regimen well before they actually want to conceive. They might start testing for ovulation weeks before they actually expect it just to be sure in their accuracy. They might start eating certain foods or using certain douches to alter their PH (which should be acidic for a girl and alkaline for a boy) weeks before they will actually attempt to conceive. And they might practice sexual positions long before they actually try to get pregnant using their chosen position.

If this all seems silly or over the top to you, consider that you really have a very limited amount of time every month where you can actually conceive the gender of your choice. The window is a little more generous if you don’t care which gender that you end up with. But if you have a definite preference, then you need to be very precise with the few days that you have.

Because for a girl baby, you’re looking at having sex only before ovulation and only when you are acidic. For a boy, you’re looking at the period of time when an alkaline PH meets the days after ovulation. As you can see, there’s not a lot of time here, so anything that you can do to create the right set of circumstances before it’s actually time to conceive will help you to be more successful. But taking action after the fact is often too late.

Conception Occurs Quickly After Intercourse And Is Set At Fertilization. By That Time, It’s Often Too Late To Influence Your Baby’s Gender: People sometimes will ask me what they should eat after sex or if they should douche after sex to try to influence their baby’s gender. But typically, if you have already had sex (and hopefully have been successful and have conceived) then it is likely already too late. Changing your PH typically takes more than just minutes or hours. And, unless you’re very lucky, having one snack or trying one douche is not going to be sufficient either.

I wish it were different, but by the time you conceive, your baby’s gender is set. When your egg is fertilized by either an X or Y sperm, then whichever sperm is successful determines your baby’s gender at that time. (X for a girl and Y for a boy.) This doesn’t change no matter what you eat or which douches you use after the fact.  It only matters if conception wasn’t successful and you get another chance.

So to answer the question posed, although elevating your legs after sex and taking it easy can help to give you a successful conception, it really doesn’t do much to influence your baby’s gender. This woman would likely be disappointed, but she could always try again if she didn’t conceive this time. And she herself admitted that she wasn’t sure about her ovulation day. Testing instead of guessing can help with this also.

If you want to know more about how to gauge ovulation or to tweak your PH to get the baby gender that you want, I’d suggest reading more at http://conceive-a-boy-baby.com or http://conceive-a-girl-baby.com

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