What Does A Woman Need To Conceive A Baby Boy? What About A Girl Baby?

By: Sandy Dean: Sometimes, I hear from women who have never been pregnant before. This is their first time thinking about having children. And they want to make sure that, during this process, they do everything as close to “correct” or “right” as they possibly can.

Someone might say: “for all of my adult life, when I was dating and even when I was engaged, I was trying to avoid pregnancy. I’ve been on the pill for a while. But now I am happily married and we are so excited to start a family. Now I’m finally at a time in my life where I actually want to get pregnant. I’ve gone off the pill. I’ve been off for almost three months. And according to my research, this is how long it takes for it to completely exit your system. So I think I’m approaching the time where I can actually become pregnant. But I want to make sure that I have everything that I need and that I’m really ready. I’d like a boy baby for my first. What does a woman need to do to get pregnant with a boy baby?”

I’ll try to answer that question below and I will also mention what you might want to do if you’re going for a girl baby, since some folks reading this article may be curious about that. And also, some of what you need is really the same for both genders.

What A Woman Needs To Get Pregnant With Either Gender

To Be Ovulating And To Be Able To Determine When That Happens: In order for you to become pregnant, you need to be producing healthy eggs that can be fertilized. Eggs can be fertilized approximately once per month for women who have somewhat regular or predictable cycles.  (You can become pregnant if your cycle isn’t regular, although it might be a little more challenging.)

It’s a lot easier if you know when this ovulation process is happening. Many women think that they know when they ovulate but then are surprised when they actually start testing themselves with ovulation predictors and determine that they’ve actually been ovulating much sooner or later than they thought. Without testing, they would not have known this and they may have been trying to become pregnant at a time where they aren’t fertile. Or when they would get the opposite gender than what they want. That’s why I highly recommend using the right tools.

A Partner Willing To Help You Conceive At The Optimal Time: If you’re trying to chose your baby’s gender naturally, you will need to have intercourse at strategic times. It’s fun to just have intercourse on the spur of the moment or when the mood strikes. But if you care which gender you get, you’ll have to carefully pick and choose the right day to attempt to get pregnant. Both people need to be on board with this because obviously you will need your husband’s cooperation in this process.

Having Two People Willing To Use The Appropriate Sexual Positions: Since the sperm that produces both genders moves differently, you can attempt to deposit the sperm in different places depending on which gender you want. You don’t have to use special sexual positions when you’re not trying to conceive (and when you aren’t ovulating.) But when you are, you’ll want to use shallow penetration positions for a girl baby. And deep penetration for a boy baby. Which work best depends on the body type and build of both of you and what you’re comfortable with physically.

What A Woman Specifically Needs For A Boy Baby: Achieving an alkaline environment is important when you want a boy baby. The sperm that produces boys is compromised and weakened in an acidic environment which is why you want to be alkaline. There are a few ways that you can accomplish this. You can alter your diet so that you are eating alkaline foods and avoiding acidic ones. You can douche with ingredients based on what your resting PH is. And you can try a combination of these. Also, a woman having an orgasm during sex releases fluids that make the environment more alkaline. All of these things can help create the ideal environment for a boy baby.

Being Willing To Have Sex After Ovulation Only When You’ve Ovulating. This too comes back to being picky about when you’re having intercourse when you know that you are in the time of the month when you can become pregnant. If you want a boy, you want to be careful that you’re not having intercourse before ovulation. To give the weaker boy sperm the best longevity, you wait until you’re sure that the egg is ready.

For A Girl Baby: Essentially, you can just flip flop the above for a girl. You want an acidic environment instead of alkaline PH. Instead of eating alkaline foods like with a boy, you want to avoid them. And you want to avoid female orgasm.

Determining The Period Before Ovulation: If you want a girl, your goal is really to take advantage of the shorter life span of the boy sperm. One way to do this is to have the sperm waiting on the egg. So you want to have intercourse before ovulation. If you have sex after the egg’s release, then you risk the boy sperm being able to have a full life span and being able to fertilize the egg. Having sex before ovulation can be somewhat tricker because waiting for a positive on an ovulation test is just too late. So you’ll either need a very sensitive predictor that gives you an indication that ovulation is on its way or you’ll need to know your cycle very well so you are sure when its approaching.

Here are a couple of websites that show you the steps to this. If you want a boy, check out  http://conceive-a-boy-baby.com.  If you want a girl baby, see http://conceive-a-girl-baby.com

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