What To Do Before Sex To Have A Boy Or A Girl?

Many people reach out to me just before they attempt to conceive a child.  Many have very specific preferences as to gender.  They want to know what is needed before they attempt to have sex.  They would rather be diligent the first time and be successful than to rush and get the opposite of what they truly want.  So someone might say: “can you tell me what I need to do before I have sex in an attempt to have a boy?”  Or I might get a similar message, except for the couple wants a girl.  Many of the things to do beforehand are applicable for both genders, so below, I will offer some things that you can do beforehand to try to ensure success.  However, before I do, I want to stress that if you are waiting to implement these tips right before sex, you have waited too long.  Most of these things have to be thought about (and carried out) before hand.  For example, to get the right PH, you can change your diet, but it’s not likely that eating a certain food right before sex is going to be enough to make a significant change.  You’ll need to implement some changes in the days and weeks leading up to the conception.

Make Sure That You Are Healthy:  This seems basic, but it is worth mentioning.  It is easier to become pregnant when you are healthy and not dieting.  It’s also a good idea to be off of any medications that could affect a pregnancy.  So if you’re not yet begun a healthy diet and lifestyle, now is the time.  Both will help you get pregnant more easily and will help to contribute to a healthy pregnancy and delivery.

Make Sure You Know When You Ovulate And Then Proceed Accordingly (While Being Very Precise And Leaving Nothing To Chance:) Timing is very important in gender selection.  For a girl, you want to attempt to conceive before ovulation. And for a boy, you want to wait until ovulation has already happened. This is easier if you’ve been tracking your ovulation before hand.  If not, you’ll want a very good ovulation predictor.  For a girl, the saliva type are a little more sensitive and cost effective. (This is key because you need to conceive BEFORE you ovulate for a girl.)  Regardless of whether you are trying for a girl or boy,  just adding a varying number of days to your menstrual period and hoping that you’ve predicted ovulation isn’t necessarily effective. Why not know for sure by testing yourself? You can use models like these on Ebay.

Get The Right PH Before Hand.  Don’t Wait: This is very important.  It can take time to achieve the correct PH.  So you don’t want to try to do this the day before ovulation because you are not giving yourself enough time to make the necessary changes.  For a boy, you want an alkaline PH and it’s fine to be acidic for a girl.  But if you are the wrong PH now, then you will need some time to change / tweak your diet (or try different douches) in order to get to where you need to be.  Even then, I encourage people to test their PH right before they attempt to conceive to make sure that they are still in range.  Give yourself enough time to know how certain foods and activities affect your PH.  You don’t want any surprises when you try to conceive.

I know that most of these tips require that you do a bit of planning beforehand and that’s not always what people want to hear.  They want to get started a few days (or even hours) before they attempt conception, but that’s just not the best way to go about it.  Give yourself the luxury of time so that you know that you are covering as many bases as you can.  The more variables that you successfully address, the higher the chance for success.

This article gives you a few of the basics.  You’ll also want to use the right sexual positions at the right time.  They differ, depending on which gender you want.   I’ve put together some cheat sheets to make things easier.   If you want a boy baby, see  http://conceive-a-boy-baby.comIf you want a girl, see http://conceive-a-girl-baby.com

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