Why Do Older Women Conceive More Girls?

By: Sandy Dean: Recently I was contacted on my blog and asked what I thought of the new data that suggests that older women are more likely to conceive girl babies. The contact came from a woman who had just remarried later in life and who wanted to have a baby with her new husband. She wanted a boy baby (because she already had girls) and she felt discouraged about her ability to conceive a boy because of her older age.

Before I tell you my opinion on this, I have to tell you that the statistics on this are based on only a few studies. Not only that, but the numbers weren’t all that impressive. What I mean by this is that although the older women had  more girl babies than their younger counterparts, this doesn’t mean that it was rare for older women to have boys by any means. And to be clear, the data showed that age 40 seems to be the age where women were more likely to have girls. Interestingly enough, the man or father’s age did now show the same correlation.

Some writers have theorized that this trend is happening as part of evolution. The theory goes that boy babies need more parental support through out their lives so they are more likely to be born to young mothers who can care for them for longer periods of time.  The thinking goes that because these son’s parents are less likely to die soon after they are born, this ensures that the son will have those resources for a longer period of time. And, along these same lines, the thinking is that if the girl offspring is attractive, she won’t need as many parental resources because a man will want to marry her and therefore, she will not be her parents’ responsibility anymore.  So if you believe this thinking, girl babies don’t need as much parental support for nearly as long.

Every one is free to their own opinion, of course. But I find this to be slightly silly. Few women in today’s times need for a man to take care of them – whether that is their father or their husband. And, I don’t know many men who need parental resources beyond childhood in order to reproduce or to be a productive member of society.

Here is my own theory. And keep in mind that it is only a theory. I believe that this may have something to do with the fact that a women’s eggs deteriorate with age and lessen in numbers. Many people believe that X or girl sperm chromosomes are stronger and longer lived than the boys. However, in this scenario, if an older woman contributes eggs that are aged and therefore not that strong, then it would make sense that it would be the X or girl sperm chromosomes that are more likely to overcome this scenario because they are stronger.

I am not a doctor or scientist. This theory just makes more sense to me than insisting that boy babies wouldn’t thrive with older mothers. My own mother was very young when she had me and I am female.  My mother is still in my life, even at an older age, but I don’t need her as an adult.  One of my very good friends has had a boy baby after age 45 and I am not the least bit concerned about his future or lack of resources when she becomes elderly.

And I hope that these new theories don’t discourage older women who want boy babies. It is certainly worth a try to attempt to time your conception and tweak your PH and your sexual positions to be favorable to a boy baby, regardless of your age. Plenty of older women have boy babies. By no means is it impossible or even improbable, at least in my opinion.

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