Why Do Women Douche During Ovulation?

By: Sandy Dean: Many women today only know about douching because it was something that their mother or their grandmother did “back in the day.”  Today, when we learn of one of our friends douching, it seems out of place and we wonder why.

Someone might say: “I was at my friend’s house the other day and I asked if I could use her bathroom. While I was in there, I noticed she had a douche on her counter.  I made a funny comment about whether her grandmother was visiting or something. And she replied that the douche was there because she was ovulating.  Why would someone douche while ovulating?  I know that she and her husband were considering becoming pregnant, but doesn’t this defeat the purpose?”

It’s sometimes thought that douching discourages pregnancy, although many people debate this and will tell you that they became pregnant quite easily while douching.  Still, the practice is not common today because gynecologists tell their patients that the vagina benefits from it’s natural flora so that no douching is required.  However, some women douche when trying to become pregnant because they are trying to change their vaginal PH.

Specifically, a vaginal PH that is alkaline favors a boy baby, while an acidic one favors a girl.  Women who douche during ovulation are typically trying to get one baby gender over another.  And they will typically only do this with specific formulas based on their PH before ovulation.  Most don’t plan to douche for the long term.  They are doing it in order to help them get the gender of their choice only.   And once they become pregnant, they will probably not continue with the practice.

Women of older generations were made that believe that their vagina was “dirty” or that it became so after their menstrual period.  They were lead to believe that their husbands would not want to have sex with them if they did not clean themselves by douching.  Women today thankfully don’t always grow up with these beliefs.  Many in our generation only douche when we want to change PH (like when we are trying to influence baby gender) and we stop the practice afterward, realizing that there is nothing whatsoever that is wrong with our vaginal flora or our cleanliness.

And, you can change your vaginal PH via changing your diet for women who would rather not douche.  There are always other options if you find this practice objectionable.

If you’d like more information about changing your vaginal PH to get the gender of your choice, I’ve set up a few free websites.  If you want a girl, see http://conceive-a-girl-baby.com/  If you want a boy, check out http://conceive-a-boy-baby.com/


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