Why Worry About Ovulation When You’re Trying To Get Pregnant When You Can Just Have Sex Everyday Anyway?

By: Sandy Dean: I sometimes hear from people who are lucky enough to have unlimited access to their spouse during their ovulation period. What I mean by this is that they are living with their spouse and no one is traveling for business and no one is stationed far away. So, for these folks, planning to conceive and to become pregnant is not going to be as tricky as it might be for people who travel a lot or who aren’t with their spouse or partner every day of the month.

And while this is an ideal situation when it comes to planning, some people wonder why there is a need to plan at all. I might hear a comment like: “I’m trying to conceive and I would like to do it as soon as possible. I read all of these things about testing for ovulation and knowing exactly when you ovulate. I don’t understand this at all and it seems excessive and like a waste of time. Why do you have to spend so much time worrying about ovulation when you’re going to have sex every day anyway?” I’ll try to answer this question in the following article.

You Might Test For Ovulation If You Want A Specific Gender: One reason that couples test for ovulation is that they are trying to conceive a certain gender. When you want a girl baby, then it’s best to have sex before ovulation. For a boy, you want to have sex after you get a positive ovulation reading. But, if you aren’t testing and you’re just having sex whenever you feel like it, then you truly are leaving this process to chance. If you want one gender over another, there are a couple of variables that you absolutely need to control in order to give you the best chance of success. And timing is a very important variable in this process.

You Want To Make Sure That The Egg Is Fresh: Another important reason that you want to test for ovulation and then have sex very close to it is because you want for the egg to be healthy and new. This gives you the highest chance of getting a healthy pregnancy that results in a live birth. It’s said that if you conceive with an egg that is old or deteriorating, then you’d worry about miscarriage. It just makes sense to want to use an egg that has been recently released so that it’s very fresh.

You Might Want To Ensure Sperm Count Is High: Each sperm chromosome that is released during ejaculation gives you a chance to become pregnant. It only takes one to fertilize the egg and to contribute to your becoming pregnant, but having more gives you a better chance of success. If you have sex every day, then you risk having a lower sperm count with each session. But if you space out the attempts, then the sperm count will be higher since you’ve abstained for a day or so each time in between. By checking your ovulation, you’ll have a better idea of when is going to be your optimal day to conceive and then you can abstain for a bit leading up to this to ensure that you are working with the highest sperm count when it matters the most.

Want more information about making sure that you have all of the variables in place at the same time that monitored ovulation occurs.  I’ve put together a few websites to make this process much easier.  I’ve broken it down into manageable steps.  If you want a boy baby, check out http://conceive-a-boy-baby.com If you want a girl, see http://conceive-a-girl-baby.com

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